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  • Caladium 'Strawberry Star'

  • Caladium 'Strawberry Star'

Caladium 'Strawberry Star'

Caladium 'Strawberry Star' implies that the ladybug's leaves are covered with red spots. Since the background is light green, random color splashes are particularly effective. In addition, Strawberry Star’s leaf is decorated with dark green veins, giving each plant a final touch. A successful contrast is the stem. The dark color of the stem emphasizes the light design of the leaves.

Strawberry Star performs well in shade or full sun and is a vigorous leaf producer.

Product Description


Full sun to partial shade native to the tropical regions of South America primarily Brazil, Caladiums have been a part of American and European gardens since the mid-1800s. Currently, there are approximately 16 different species commercially available. Strawberry Star is a very showy, fancy leaved Caladium. The plant is considered a dwarf reaching a height of only 12-18 inches. Leaves are primarily white with deep green veining on the primary and secondary veins and random sprinkles of strawberry red freckles.

In Hardiness Zones 4-6, start roots indoors in April and transplant outside when the nighttime temperatures reach 55 degrees. In Hardiness Zones 7 and higher, roots can be started outside when the danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed. Plant the roots in organically rich soil amended with bone meal. Keep the soil moist, but do not allow the roots to stand in water. Caladiums thrive in containers – 1 root per 8 in. diameter pot.

In Zones 4-6, the roots need to be lifted when the nighttime temperatures fall below 55 degrees. Roots should be stored in a cool, dry, dark area. In Zones 7 and higher, roots can be left in the ground after the plant dies back, if heavily mulched.

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