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Dear Sir or Madam

As soon as we accept your order we will sent you a sales confirmation/order sheet/proforma for final confirmation by email.


All invoices must be prepaid by T/T 10-15 days before delivery unless prior credit has been established

International Shipping

Shippments are made on the request of clients. Pricing is based on Ex-work. FOB or C& F price is also available according to the request of clients. Please contact us for further information.
Contract propagation is available. Please contact us for further information on this service.


We strive to produce quality material that is true-to-type. In the event that any stock should be proven to be untrue to its name as labeled, our liability is limited to replacing the material free-of-charge or refunding the purchase price of plants only. We will not be liable for more than the actual purchase price of the plant material.


All plant material is inspected prior to shipment and is in good condition when accepted by the respective transportation company. All plant material should be inspected upon arrival. Any problems with the quality, quantity or condition of the plant material must be reported.

Claims must be made within 48 hour to email of liuwentony4616@google.com after receipt of goods or within 1 hour of quarantine problems at customs.

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